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There are plenty of people offering advice on personal injury claims, but for a successful outcome you need knowledgeable and realistic advice, such as ours. We start by talking you through what can be an emotional process and give you advice on all matters relating to your claim, whether it be pain and suffering incurred, loss of earnings present and future, and any ongoing damages.  

 •  Work-related and industrial injury

 •  Road traffic accidents including cycling

Personal injury claims are often not clear-cut, but we can give you some idea of your potential damages, whether you were injured at work or in a road traffic accident.

We will pursue your injury claim, giving realistic advice as to the likely outcome.

Personal injury claims

Estimate your damages

Many injuries involve insurance claims and we can cut through the jargon so you fully understand your position and any criteria you need to fulfil to successfully pursue your claim. We have the expertise to deal with injury claims of all severity, from those causing short-term health issues to others with life-changing consequences, as well as claims for fatal injury compensation.  

From minor to major

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