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We advise individuals on human rights issues, but also work for organisations and other bodies to advise on best practice or to counter challenges made against them As experts in immigration law, we also advise on human rights in relation to this area of law, for example asylum seekers.

We all have rights and liberties and our human rights lawyers work to ensure that your voice is heard in this fast-changing and complex area of law. There may be several ways to pursue a claim for breach of human rights and our solicitors will advise on the best route available to you within the time limits set out by relevant Acts of Parliament, including the Human Rights Act 1998.

 •  Abuse and discrimination

 •  Immigration and asylum

 •  Mental capacity

 •  Degrading treatment

 •  False imprisonment and loss of liberty

 •  Disability and mental health rights

We can pursue claims against organisations or individuals who have infringed your human rights and, in some cases, challenge decisions by requesting judicial reviews which examine the legality of the process of decision-making.

We advise on human rights and challenge those who breach them.

Where can breaches occur?

Human rights challenges

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