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Divorce is a complex and emotional issue, and if you are going through this process, we can advise on solutions which are not only best for you but also take into consideration other members of the family, in particular the needs of children, ensuring their interests and wellbeing are protected.

 •  Dissolution of marriage and custody

 •  Advice on co-habitation break-ups

 •  Civil partnerships

 •  Pre-nuptial agreements

 •  Mediation

We approach our divorce work with sensitivity and empathy and make an effort to reduce the emotional and financial stresses associated with relationship breakdown.

We work for a positive

and worry-free solution for our divorce clients.

A complete advice service

A sensitive approach

In addition to working to find a satisfactory solution to disputes surrounding divorce and relationship breakdown, we can advise on post-divorce matters, such as the making of a new will to protect the interests of children and changes in residency rights in cases involving immigration.

What happens after your divorce?

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