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If you are in dispute with another individual or an organisation, we will give expert advice on your position and will represent you in court if required. We will also examine alternative ways of settling a dispute, which may prove less costly to you yet will still reach a satisfactory conclusion.

 •  Negligence claims

 •  Consumer rights

 •  Contract law and breach of contract

 •  Tenancy disputes

 •  Financial and debt problems

 •  Access to specialist barristers

Civil litigation covers all manner of legal areas and within each one we have a solicitor who has specific expertise to ensure you receive the best possible advice. Although we make every effort for our clients, we will also be honest in cases with little chance of success.

For all kinds of civil actions, you can rely on our expert advice.

Claims and disputes

Our honest opinion

We are happy to provide an estimate of the likely costs involved should your claim go to court so you can realistically consider your options. We can also act for individuals or organisations defending a claim made against them, and advise on settlement out of court if appropriate.

Keeping your costs under control

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